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Investment opportunities

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Manufacturing industries

Agro-based industries, food processing and beverages, general processing and canning, textiles and leather goods, steel and metal engineering, cement and ceramics, electrical and electronic engineering, printing and publishing, pharmaceuticals, processing and canning of fish and other marine products, fishnets, packaging, bottles and glassware, paints and automotive engineering.

Petroleum and mining

Exploration and production of oil and gas, gold, diamonds, gemstones including tanzanite, base metals and a host of other minerals. Tanzanite is a precious gem found only in Tanzania.

Start a Business in Tanzania

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Apply for clearance of the proposed company name

Agency: Business Registration and Licensing Authority (BRELA)

A business name and a company name refer to two different names. Regarding the company name, the applicant writes a letter to BRELA with at least three proposed names for the company. BRELA will then approve one of the names proposed.
A company can have different businesses or projects, which are registered under the umbrella of the company but can have different names.